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ME – My love of furniture began back in 2012 when I built my first simple box. Through the years I began to try new projects, challenging myself to explore new designs. I always felt most satisfied when my designs resembled the shaker/ mission and craftsman styles. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with straight lines, and those furniture styles help to foster that fascination. Now I get to put my own twist on them.

MY PRICING-¬†Every piece of furniture is different, but i will say that custom furniture is not cheap. I do believe I price my work fairly and if you’ve made it this far and plan to fill out the contact form below, you probably already know that! Let me know what you’re thinking, and give me some idea of wood-type and size, and I can be more accurate.

Farmhouse Tables Start @ $500

Harvest Tables Start @ $750

Charcuterie Boards Start @ $50

Headboards Start @ $275

MY WORK – Every piece of furniture or wood working project is done in my shop in Waxhaw. Having a full time job, I only build on nights and weekends ( mostly weekends) but I feel that helps me be deliberate and focused in my builds.

I try very hard to make each piece I build unique, even if I am building the same style; buy selecting the most interesting wood grain, knot pattern or layout to provide the most pleasing finished product possible.

My furniture is not light, its solid, study and built to last.